As the largest producer of teachers and the go-to resource for teacher professional development and education, we are naturally involved in many aspects of the Race to the Top program. One new initiative is the Educator Effectiveness Academies (EEAs), which support teacher development in the Maryland Common Core State Curriculum Standards and Framework, specifically in the STEM fields.

6300 Educators

That’s the number of educators served by the first regional EEAs, which were held during the summer of 2011. The audience included four-person teams from schools across Maryland, including:

  • School’s Principal
  • Reading English/Language Arts specialist or teacher
  • Mathematics teacher
  • Teacher from a STEM area

These highly successful EEAs were offered again last summer, but this time MSDE reached out to Towson University’s Center for Professional Studies to develop a series of webinars to reinforce and build upon the summer EEA as well further disseminate the content to ALL of Maryland’s public school teachers. By partnering with Towson University, MSDE is now able to convey vital educational information to thousands of teachers statewide in a productive, virtual session. Here are some specific s about the webinars:

  • 16 total webinars will be produced; 8 for this school year and 8 for next school year
  • Over 80 total hours captured from the EEAs will be used to produce the webinars
  • Webinars will be disseminated to over 1500 Maryland public schools and their teachers
  • The first four for this year launch Monday, January 14th
  • The national Race to the Top program will also be utilizing the webinars to provide professional development opportunities for teachers across the country

What makes these webinars different than just recordings of the EEAs?

The team worked side-by-side with MSDE subject area specialists to create webinar packages that do not just showcase the content of the EEAs, but also provide viewers with the opportunity to experience very practical teaching and learning environments with narrations and examples from the appropriate experts. Additionally, the team also captured footage of Maryland master teachers applying Maryland Common Core State Curriculum protocols and best practices within their classrooms in several schools around the state in all content areas and grade levels, as well as interviews with other teachers, principals, MSDE staff members and superintendents across Maryland.

A University Resource

We have enlisted the expertise of a Towson University faculty member from the Department of Electronic Media and Film, Carol Appleby, to oversee the filming and editing of these webinars. We have also tapped Blue Rock Productions to complete the videos and will offer internship opportunities to some of our students.

One of the master teachers featured in the webinar. (New Town High School in Owings Mills, MD)