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The evening of Thursday, December 8, 2016 is a milestone for the Towson University Incubator, aka TU Incubator. At the EdTech Innovation Showcase, 50+ carefully chosen attendees will have the opportunity to engage with 12 companies who are solving problems in K-12 and postsecondary education via solutions in formative assessment, access & admissions, classroom funding, language & literacy, professional development, project-based learning, and parent engagement. The event’s purpose is to bestow a focused medium where entrepreneurs can interface with customers and investors. The broader mission is to enhance education, to laud innovation, efficiencies, and productivity, to simply make education work better. This requires purpose, passion, persistence and, more often than not, deep knowledge of pedagogy and where the puck is headed.

TU Incubator’s EdTech Map: Over 150 active edtech companies in the DMV.

TU Incubator’s EdTech Map: Over 150 active edtech companies in the DMV.

Another important purpose of the EdTech Innovation Showcase, as gleaned from the above map, is to laud a growing edtech ecosystem in Greater Baltimore, aka Baltimore EdTech. From non-exhaustive research, there are over 150 education companies in the DMV, 100 of which are located in Maryland; over 70% of these Maryland edtech companies are located in Greater Baltimore. At TU Incubator, we support over a dozen edtech companies in-region, four or five from out-of-region. In our evolving, open architecture role in Baltimore EdTech, we have included 3–4 non-member companies as part of the Showcase.


At the EdTech Innovation Showcase, eight (8) presenting companies — Admit.me, CampusESP, Communication APPtitude, PledgeCents, Lessoncast, SmartyReader, Speak Agent, and Workbench — are on the mature end of seed stage or squarely pegged to early stage, at the point of regional or national growth, many of which actively seeking capital. All have well-honed products in the market and are looking for feedback and customer growth. TU Incubator is thrilled to showcase these eight companies in quick pitch and Q&A format. Following the formal pitch session, all companies will be stationed at tables for less formal, more personalized meetings with attendees.


In addition to the eight formal presenters, the following four companies will be stationed at tables after the formal pitch session: Mandrel, OgStar Reading, Spiral Math, and Voice Vibes. These four emerging edtech companies are at an earlier stage than the formal presenters but are no less impactful in their solutions.

On this post’s launch day, it’s appropriate to give thanks to the people and organizations that make the inaugural EdTech Innovation Showcase happen. Thank you to premiere sponsors and partners TU’s Division of Innovation and Applied Research (TU-DIAR), Baltimore County’s Division of Economic and Workforce Development, TEDCO, and M&T Bank and irreplaceable colleagues in TU-DIAR’s Partnership & Outreach, Admin & Finance, and Center for GIS units.

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