According to wikipedia, a corporate weblog is published and used by a corporation to meet its organizational goals. People.Partners.Projects. hopes to do exactly that for TU’s Division of Economic and Community Outreach! Our contributors will be posting on a wide variety of topics including technology reviews and tips, project highlights, event wrap-ups, staff profiles, campus happenings, vendor recommendations and more.

In drafting my first post I reflected on “the blog” and what that really meant for me.  As a millennial (generation jargon), I’ve been exposed to computers and the web for more or less my entire life.  Really, blogs are just one of the BIG MOVEMENTS caused by the World Wide Web—so what are some of the other movements that have impacted me the most:

  1. AIM—I still have my screen name “Bobbie256” (my middle school locker number).  While I don’t use AIM too much these days, I have recently seen a resurgence of AIM in the workplace, note: Disable AIM when giving presentations :).
  2. The MP3—The days of Napster have come and gone but the ability to share and download tunes at the click of a mouse has transformed the breadth of music I listen to and further perpetuated my need for instant gratification
  3. Online Travel Booking—Whether you use Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, or any of the now hundred of travel sites, one thing is for sure—you have no excuse for getting ripped-off!
  4. Ebay and Online Auctions—Can you remember when a time when you couldn’t just type in “Authentic Grass Skirt” and get infinite options at the tip of your fingers!
  5. Social Media Platforms—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have changed the way I connect with colleagues, friends, and potential clients!

As we embark on our new blog we hope you’ll let us know what we are doing right, wrong, sideways, and so on!