We are just over a month into the 2010 Maryland Legislative Session.  The 90 day session will end on April 12th (unless we see a joint resolution passed to extend it) and will include actions on over 2300 bills and the passing of the state budget.  Within all of those bills just about every industry is affected and higher education is no different.  Because Towson University is a public-state institution we pay very close attention to what is happening in Annapolis and do our best to be actively engaged with our legislators and elected officials.

“The Towson Advocacy Program (TAP) is a grass-roots effort to gain support for public higher education in Maryland, and more specifically, for Towson University’s legislative initiatives”

TAP is coordinated through our Office of Alumni Relations and is open to Towson alumni, staff, and friends who are interested in supporting Towson University’s advocacy efforts.   By “Tapping In” you will receive a weekly e-newsletter that includes valuable information on upcoming bills, interviews with important state officials, and updates on Towson University initiatives.   Most importantly, you will be provided with the resources and support needed to effectively advocate on behalf of Towson University.  I recently attended the TAP Legislative Luncheon to learn about what to expect this session, click here for pictures!

President Caret has said on numerous occasions that Towson University needs the support of our Alumni and Friends in many ways including; Financially, Politically, and Emotionally (especially when things get tough).   Each session, President Caret presents testimony on behalf of Towson University to both the House and the Senate, TAP members are invited to attend these testimonies which will take place next Monday and Tuesday.

Yesterday, 80 Towson University students met with legislators as part of the 11th annual Tiger Pride Day in Annapolis.  This annual event is a great opportunity for the legislators to hear both from TU students and in some cases their own constituents about how their decisions in Annapolis are affecting them including, tuition affordability, access, and civic concerns. Each year the Student Government Association publishes the Student Legislative Agenda to articulate their priorities for the year.  To view the 2010 agenda, click here.

2010 Tiger Pride Day, February 17, 2010