Dr. Caret

When it comes to technology, I have always been willing and excited to try something new. Back when I was Dean of Sciences and Mathematics, I set aside money in my budget to bring some of the first personal computers to Towson’s campus by helping set up our own facility to build and serve Towson University’s own brand—“Bullet Train” PC’s. Through the years I have owned and tested the gamut of personal devices and gadgets and today, I couldn’t live without my laptop, my Blackberry and my Kindle. For my busy lifestyle, technology isn’t a toy or something to do in my spare time, but rather it keeps me organized and connected. So quite naturally I was also an early-adopter of social media because I see it as a valuable professional and personal tool.

My approach to social media isn’t unlike my experience with gadgets. I have dabbled with everything from Second Life to Linked In to podcasts.  It didn’t take long to realize, however, the more time and energy you invest into social media, the greater your return. So, I narrowed my scope to those most relevant to my needs—Facebook and Twitter.  Everything I do, funnels back to my Facebook, whether I post a new blog or highlight a recent TU accomplishment.  I use Twitter to follow the latest news and events, and to occasionally check out what the FakePrezCaret aka “Bobby Carrot”–my unauthorized cyber troll–is doing.

To say that social media is becoming the new norm may be an understatement. I read in the NY Times this week about a university that is inviting its applicants to use YouTube for their optional essays.  If you are not involved with some kind of social medial tool right now, pick one to join today.  Without it you are missing a connection to an entire world of real-time information, breaking news, and interesting people.