With the promise of spring around the corner, we at Towson University have been feeling more energized to continue strengthening our relationships with the outside business community. One way we will do this is by hosting a free event entitled the 2010 Showcase: “Partnerships 2.0”. This annual event will feature over 15 exhibitors that are interested in partnering with you to provide solutions for your department, agency, or business.

Here are the seven W’s to help introduce you to the Showcase:

Who: Towson University’s cutting-edge and community driven researchers and faculty

What: The 3rd annual Showcase “Partnerships 2.0.” The event is free of cost!

Where: Minnegan Room at Johnny Unitas Stadium, Towson University

When: April 14, 2010 from 12:00 pm until 2:00 pm

Why: The Showcase brings together Towson University faculty and researchers to spotlight projects in collaboration with businesses and government agencies that benefit the citizens of this region.

This year, we will also have relevant speakers to provide additional interesting content.

  • Dr. Val Emery, Army Research Laboratory, will discuss federal funding opportunities for innovation and collaboration associated with BRAC

Who should attend: Business Leaders, Economic Developers, Government/Nonprofit Managers, reporters and/or columnists interested in the areas of Human Services, GIS, Workforce Development, Applied Economics, IT Solutions, and more!

Website: Check it out and register today! www.towson.edu/showcase

We hope to see you at the Showcase! Feel free to contact me, Bobbie, at outreach@towson.edu with any questions.