Towson University really does have the best and brightest students and I have the awesome opportunity to work with a few of our fabulous students each year.  The latest issue of our “Education Meets the Workforce” video series features two of my graduating student collaborators, Nicole Schiraldi and Lindsey Meyer.

Nicole, has been working with me for over two years and will graduate in just a few short weeks with a degree in Mass Communications.  Nicole is the student coordinator for the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU) which is a non-profit organization headquartered at Towson University.  Nicole is essential to the day-to-day operations and handles everything from processing expenses to researching topics for an upcoming seminar of University Presidents.

Lindsey, has served this past year as the Graduate Assistant for TU in the Community.  She came on board just as the website was being launched and has taken the website to a whole new level–this year she presented to over 450 faculty and staff members at TU on how the website can help their research and service activities.  Lindsey will graduate with a Masters Degree with a concentration in Human Resources Development and Non-profit Leadership.