Our students are always doing incredible things, but I recently I came across a story about our Forensic Science students that really blew me away!

A few weeks ago, 34 Towson Students along with Professor Dana Kollman and Mark Profili, Director of Towson University’s Forensic Science Program, traveled to Cuttingsville, Vermont in hopes of helping  the Hogan family get the answers they have been longing for since their son went missing 5 years ago.  The local police had called off the search in November, when a local hunter found the skull of William “Mike” Hogan and dental records confirmed his identity.

Photo Credit: Rutland Herald

The students picked up where the police left off, and during their search found Mr. Hogan’s pants, keys, and more than a dozen bones.  The father of Mr. Hogan could not have been more appreciative of the students stating, “Anybody who thinks today’s youth is in trouble or our future is in trouble, should have been with me this week, they were fabulous….what a group, what a good group.”

While, I can only imagine what an emotional experience this must have been for the students (they worked side-by-side with the father) I also am sure this is something they’ll never forget.

Read the article published by the Rutland Herald “Searching for the unknown.”