In the spirit of Follow Friday, I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite twitters out there and also encourage you to keep up with us through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

A few of my #FollowFriday recommendations:

@karinfischer: Karin is a senior reporter for the Chronicle of Higher Education.  Her twitter feed focuses on internationalization and economic development issues within higher-education. My favorite part about her tweets and posts are the intersections of those two rather distinct focuses.

@prattlibrary: In today’s economy, libraries are more important than ever.  Did you know that this past year the Enoch Pratt Library saw a 92% increase in attendance at their Career and Job Workshops?  The primary reason I love following them is because they are constantly posting unique upcoming events happening at libraries and other venues around the city!

@ChrisBrogan: If someone were going to name the Czar of Social Media, Chris would definitely be at the top of the short list. He consistently posts new social media and marketing technologies and even with over 144K followers he manages to be responsive to questions and comments.

There are tons of fellow TU colleagues on Twitter. So to avoid leaving out a few (inevitably), I’m going to avoid the laundry list and name a few of the longest running and active accounts:

@TowsonU: Official TU Media Relations
@TowsonAlumni: Events and People updates from the Alumni Office
@TheTowerlight: TU’s award winning student newspaper
@TowsonTigers: Official TU Athletics