This week I sat down with Sarah McDowell, the Job Location and Development Coordinator for The Towson University Career Center.  Before I met with Sarah I thought I knew everything about this university (TU IS my Alma Mater and current employer), but apparently I don’t!  Who knew that the Part-Time Job Fair in August attracted over 1,300 students? Or that The Career Center offers a searchable database of student resumes for employers to utilize to help solicit new employees? Not me!

Maybe you are looking to hire a part-time employee or start recruiting a senior for after graduation? The Career Center offers a customized recruitment plan for employers that can help you advertise your job to the masses.

  • Participate in an on-campus job fair
  • Reserve a table in the University Union to market your open position and meet students
  • Have your job posted on Hire@TU
  • Let The Career Center post your job on their Facebook and Twitter pages (they have over 2,400 combined ‘likes’ and followers!)

In an effort to expand their outreach strategies, The Career Center also manages a LinkedIn group called Towson University Professional Network.  The purpose of this group is for employers to discuss all career-related topics with The Career Center staff and network with local professionals.

The Career Center is a “clearinghouse” for all things student recruiting and hiring-related.  They WANT to help you write your job description and they WANT to help you post your job and recruit candidates.

I suggest taking advantage of their services because Towson University students are the best – not that I am biased or anything!