I work with a lot of interesting and really smart people!  Even after seven years, I’m still blown away at what some of my colleagues can do with technology.  An area I’ve always been particularly fascinated by is GIS. CGIS, or our Center for GIS, includes a dynamic group of staff members who are always working on cutting edge technologies and applying those to real world issues and challenges our government, businesses, non profits, and citizens are facing.  But, what exactly is GIS?  CGIS has a brief answer to that here, but I know it’s still a question that puzzles many of us.

To try and get to the bottom of that question as well as what many of our talented staff members do each day, we’re launching a new video series that will highlight some of our best and brightest.  The first of these segments, features a fellow blogger, Jeremy Monn.  Here, Jeremy gives us his answer to “what is GIS?” and a little insight into what he does every day!