I am excited to share some great news.  On December 1st we realigned and officially renamed the Division of Economic and Community Outreach to the Division of Innovation and Applied Research.  In this new era, the division will continue to provide GIS, economic analysis, IT consulting, project management, integrated marketing, training, and entrepreneurial services to our partners, government and nonprofit organizations.  The realignment will allow us to further integrate our capabilities into the university by expanding opportunities for students and faculty to gain valuable experience through research activities, projects, and partnerships.

When the process for realignment began months ago, we thought a great deal about what words would reinforce our unique position and also articulate our vision.  So much is in a name!  After significant input and plenty of formal and informal analysis, we believe that Innovation and Applied Research is the perfect description.

So what does Innovation mean exactly, for us?  In short we are talking about the application of new ideas, or the new application of old ideas. For example, we will:

• support entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas and create enterprises through the TowsonGlobal incubator and business plan competitions,

• develop GIS applications for the next generation of decision makers utilizing a broader range of GIS tools,

• launch industry recognized and demanded professional certification courses utilizing interactive platforms,

• serve as a change management agent for our partners in government as they implement new business processes and technologies, and

• apply new analytical techniques to solve issues facing our economic well-being.

We are proud of our work and are excited about the projects in our future. We look forward to working with you to bring real research for real results to your organization.

To learn more about the new strategic direction of the Division of Innovation and Applied Research please visit our new website www.towson.edu/Innovation