On June 14, Towson University, SAP University Alliances, and Interaction-Design Foundation (IDF) welcomed Share the Knowledge Tour bicyclist, Max, as he continued his around the world bike tour to promote open access to educational materials.

Access to education through Design Thinking is at the forefront of the Tour efforts, and TU embraces this concept that calls for an empathetic, interactive and creative approach to problem solving. Design Thinking encourages technology designers to develop more people-oriented and easy-to-use tools – like websites, household appliances, software applications, and mobile devices.


Max’s tour kicked off in Orlando in May and Max has been blazing through major college towns in North America since. His bike, a Tout Terrain Panamericana, weighs roughly 400 pounds and comes fully loaded with a trailer holding a foldable canoe, laptop, GPS, solar panel hub, a tent, stove, and so much more.


Next stops on Max’s journey – SAP in Newtown Square, PA, followed by Rutgers University and Penn State! Track his journey on http://tour.interaction-design.org/.