Recently the Continuing & Professional Studies delivered a two-day Personal Branding workshop for the Workforce Development Center at Hunt Valley to a group of dislocated workers.  The program was designed to help participants re-think how they have been marketing themselves to employers, with a special emphasis on using social media, such as LinkedIn.

What is Personal Branding?
There are a lot of definitions out there for Personal Branding, but at the end of the day, it is all about being who you are – and presenting who you really are to others.  In a Huffington Post article, Adele Gulfo explains why Personal Branding is so important, “…because when you live your Personal Brand, you are being true to yourself; and that comes through when you’re interacting with others — colleagues, other leaders and stakeholders.”

The Personal Branding Workshop
The workshop started with a discussion of how the job search has changed over the past 30-40 years. Trainer Tammy Ditzel, noted that it is important to understand how employment has changed so people can understand why they need to think about things like their personal brand, when their parents may not have needed to.

Participants worked throughout the remainder of the workshop to reflect on themselves, and what they bring to their work.  They developed personal branding statements, and updated various social media sites to ensure the information they were sharing was in line with their personal brand.  At the end of the day two participants expressed how this workshop had completely changed their view of how they should be looking for jobs, and how they should be presenting themselves to potential employers.

Personal Branding is a skill that everyone in the workforce needs to develop, not only those who are on the job hunt.  Effective Personal Brand management may lead to a job with a new company, but it will also show your current employer the value you bring to the table.

Check out this “Personal Branding with Social Media” infographic.