Towson University and Presidential Scholar, Dr. Nancy Grasmick, are excited to welcome to campus education historian and best-selling author Diane Ravitch as she discusses her new book Reign of Error. Join us on April 22nd in the West Village Commons ballrooms from 4-6 p.m. for her talk and book-signing.

In her book, Diane examines the flaws with the current education reform direction being driven by the U.S. Department of Education including curriculum changes, common core standards, teacher evaluation, assessment, vouchers, online education, merit pay, and perhaps most importantly the involvement and leadership from the private sector.

978-0-385-35088-4-2-e1378255963852Excerpts from Reign of Error

  • Our urban public schools are in trouble because of concentrated poverty and racial segregation.
  • If we don’t act to remedy the social and economic conditions that cause disadvantage, we are unlikely to see any large-scale changes in the achievement gaps.
  • The issue for the future is whether a small number of very wealthy entrepreneurs, corporations, and individuals will be able to purchase education policy in this nation, either by funding candidates for local and state school boards, for state legislatures, for governor and for Congress or by using foundation ‘gifts’ to advance the privatization of public education

Regardless of what side of the debate you are on, Diane will discuss some of the biggest challenges facing public education today.

This talk is a part of the Towson University Signature Forum speaker series. The Forums focus on providing Maryland’s education leaders, parents, teachers, and policy makers with access to the newest information and research on current and pertinent education topics. This Signature Forums event will offer an exciting platform for intellectual discussion and debate.