In a fast-paced work place, it is not always ideal (or even possible) to have in-person, facilitator-led training sessions. But, that does not mean that there is not new information, or new skills that employees need to be able to do their job more efficiently. Luckily, technology has created several avenues for training in these situations, for example, e-learning courses, virtual classrooms, and streaming video. At the Continuing & Professional Studies we have been working with clients to develop, film, edit, and distribute training and promotional videos that enhance their employees’ knowledge and skills.

Videos can meet several workplace needs in terms of training. Examples of some of the recent ways we have used videos are to: demonstrate how to do a specific skill (such as use particular website, or fill out a time sheet), introduce a new policy or procedure, showcase work being done in an organization, and depict scenarios (or case studies) for employees to react to and discuss.

CPS Video Team Hard at Work

CPS Video Team Hard at Work

According to Wired Magazine, “By using video communication tools, forward-looking organizations can enhance the employee’s experience by showcasing information from around the organization.” Video provides a lot of flexibility to employers:

  • Video can be used as stand alone or in conjunction with e-learning, or in-person training.
  • Video allows employees who are remote, to receive information in the same way and at the same time as fellow employees.
  • Video is engaging.
  • With the use of smart phones, and tablets, video can be watched virtually anywhere.

There’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to developing videos for your organization. As a matter of fact, if you think a video might be what you need, it is probably best to come to the table with an open mind. There are a lot of “out of the box” and engaging techniques that can be used in video, that will help to make your project a success within your organization. For more information on the video production services offered at CPS, please visit our website!