Julie Knight is celebrating her first year as the Research Manager for the Division of Innovation and Applied Research’s Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI).

“I like that there is never a dull moment and the workdays, as well as the past year, have flown by,” she said.

Each day, Julie manages a number of research projects for a wide range of clients. Some of her day-to-day tasks include conducting research, meeting with potential and existing clients, creating and updating project timelines, and troubleshooting problems that arise on projects.   Knight said she looks forward to working with Division colleagues on future projects.

“It is a supportive work environment and we are all working towards a common goal,” she said.  “I enjoy working collaboratively with other groups in the Division as alternative perspectives have been helpful.”

Prior to RESI, Knight served as a Research Associate at Cardiff University. In this position, she conducted externally funded research on economic geography focusing on theory and real-world applications. This position taught Julie how to independently conduct large research projects, become detail oriented, problem solve, manage her time, and interact with a diverse research team.   Julie participates in a number of activities outside of Towson University.

“On a professional level, I have taught classes in the interdisciplinary Global Studies program at Loyola University of Maryland,” she said. “In addition, I am in the process of writing a book with my former colleagues from the UK on my PhD findings. On a personal level, I enjoy travelling and reading.”

Raquel Frye, RESI Managing Director, said Julie is a great addition to RESI.

“She has brought a new perspective, breadth, and depth to our service offerings,” she said. “Her positive personality and can-do attitude has ensured a seamless transition to our team. We are happy to have her on board.”

We value Julie’s contributions to the team and are excited about what lies ahead.