In my previous blog, I spoke of the importance of project initiation and the 5 W’s.  When you begin a new project, there is another important process that should be completed during the initiation phase—business process management.

What is Business Process Management?

Business process management focuses on improving the performance of a company or organization’s workflow to make it more adaptable, efficient, and effective.  I’d argue, business process management focuses on how the product or service is created/provided vs. the management surrounding the business model.

Why is Business Process Management Worth Doing?

There are many reasons for utilizing business process management including:

  • Removes non value added steps by evaluating activities
  • Implements efficient process flows
  • Removes unwanted errors that may occur between departments or other processes
  • Helps managers understand how things flow and how to best explain the process in training materials

In any case, knowing and seeing the flow on paper is a great way to educate and have discussions with stakeholders. Sometimes the perception of how the business operates is not reality.

How many times have you heard why do you/we do it this way? And the answer is because that is how we’ve always done it!

Business Process Management Provides the Opportunity to Challenge the Norm

The world changes, new technologies are developed, market demand shifts, the economy rises and falls, people’s attitudes change, or a host of variables can cause your product, services, and processes to become outdated. Spend the time to understand how your product or service is provided. It’s cheaper to change the process during planning than to change a poorly implemented process that failed to deliver.