Hooray! Your event is over and it was a huge success, but there are still a few important things left to do. Use this post-event checklist to close out your event.

1. Send out a Surveysurvey_nicoles blog

Survey everyone: attendees, sponsors, speakers, etc. It’s best to develop your surveys ahead of time so that you can send them out the day after your event. This ensures that the event is still fresh on everyone’s mind. Choose questions that will help optimize your next event.

2. Write ‘Thank You’ Cards

Whether hand written or via email, don’t wait more than a day or two to write thank you notes to all of your staff, speakers, and VIP guests. Try to include something personal in each one; perhaps a note about a job they did well or a line from their speech. People will appreciate you paying attention!

3. Upload Photos, Videos, Filesflickr_nicoles blog

Gather photos and upload the best and most flattering ones to your website and social media sites. If you have video footage, ask your videographer to edit it into a post-event montage for easier viewing. Additionally, if any of your speakers have presentations or papers that can be shared post those to your website for attendees to download (make sure you let them know they are there!)

4. Save the Date

It’s never too soon to secure the date for next year’s event. Post it to your website and share it with this year’s attendees in the post-event survey email.

5. Relax

You made it. You’ve balanced your budget, surveyed your attendees and updated your website. Now it’s time to relax. Celebrate with happy hour or sleep in late—you deserve it!