Continuing education courses are a great way to take career advancement into your own hands. Besides financial obligations, finding the time to complete such courses can be a challenge. That’s why we have put together this list of 5 ways to find time and stay motivated:

1) Look for options that allow online classes

When class times don’t fit into your schedule, it’s easy to make excuses. Fortunately, online courses are becoming more and more prevalent. With online courses you can decide when and how often you participate, which makes it much easier to manage your time.

2) Block off a consistent time in your calendar for studying

Try your hardest to minimize distractions by going to a quiet location. If internet is not needed for what you’re doing, turn off the wifi so you’re not bombarded with status updates. By sticking to your schedule, and minimizing distractions you’ll see a drastic change in performance.

3) Utilize your lunch time at work

For some people, the amount of time required away from their family to study or attend classes is a turnoff. Try finding time within your work day to study. If you have an office, close the door during lunch and focus just on your coursework. By doing this, you’ll free up precious time in the evening, just for family fun.

4) Find someone who will check up on you and hold you accountable

If you are the type of person that gets sidetracked easily, find someone who can keep you on track. Set up weekly meetings with him/her either in person or over the phone. Topics should include assignments and goals from the previous and upcoming week. This method works especially well if both of you have goals you’re striving to reach.

5) Remember what motivates you

Focus on the reason why you are interested in taking continuing education courses. Is your intention to make more money so you can better support your family? Do you want career advancement? Whatever the reason, find the time to focus and accomplish your goals with continued education

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