Summer is almost to an end, and we are gearing up for a busy fall semester at TU Incubator. We look forward to welcoming back students and faculty, onboarding new interns, and continuing to settle into our new office space at 7400 York Road. At TU Incubator one way we encourage entrepreneurship and innovation is by assisting early stage companies to bring their business ideas to market. We’re very excited and pleased to announce our two newest member companies: HonorScroll and Hoppen.

HonorScroll Connects Students Via Textbooks

HonorScroll, one of two new TU Incubator companies

One of two new TU Incubator members.

HonorScroll is a free app for students that revolves around a simple concept—connecting students via their course textbooks. The application itself rests on three pillars:

(1) serving as a study supplement where students upload notes to corresponding textbook pages

(2) integrating social network functionality to automatically connect students with others using the same textbook

(3) allowing students to winnow down student connections into smaller, more intimate study groups for sharing documents and comprehensive course notes.

The app, scheduled to launch later this month, is a new way to allow students to supplement their everyday studies by having short, time-released notes easily displayed on their screens.

Hoppen App Created by High School Student

Hoppen App

One of two new TU Incubator members.

Hoppen, founded by Roland Park Country School student Megan Schaller, is an event-centric social media app. Hoppen can be used to plan events, invite friends, and communicate about plans. Hoppen’s user-friendly platform and design allow users to search and filter through local events catered to their interests. The company is not only a new incubator member but also uniquely the first high school student founded company to join the Incubator. Earlier this year, TU Incubator awarded incubator membership to ShapeU, founded by Johns Hopkins University students, as part of the 2015 Business Plan Competition student category prize. The app can be downloaded on the App Store as well as on Google Play, so get ‘hoppen’ (pun intended).