Student Launch Pad had the unique opportunity to welcome ‘Push for Pizza’ to Towson University on September 1. Push for Pizza is an app built to simplify the pizza ordering process for college students and was founded and built just one short year ago by a mix of college student entrepreneurs hailing from New York. With their recent seed funding closed, cofounders Cyrus Summerlin and Max Hellerstein decided to take their app on the road and tour 70+ college and university campuses across the country, with Towson University being their first stop.PIZZA


Zachary Greaver won free pizza for the semester!

During the five hour event held outdoors in the West Village Quad, students participated in giveaways, a pizza themed photo booth, high fives with ‘Pushy,’ the app’s mascot, and free pizza. Student Launch Pad was on hand promoting free Fall events and workshops geared towards student entrepreneurs. But, the main attraction of the day was without a doubt the Lamborghizza, a Lamborghini wrapped in a pepperoni pizza pattern. To round out the afternoon, Student Launch Pad hosted an open Q&A session where Max and Cyrus shared their experience as college aged entrepreneurs, the challenges and rewards, and their plans to expand the business. The day concluded with the announcement of the Pizza Scholarship winner, Zachary Greaver. This lucky TU student won free pizza for the rest of the semester.

Student Launch Pad is proud to support student entrepreneurs and bring real world entrepreneurs to campus.

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