In 2014, leaders from Towson University began talking about how the University could harness our connections and provide a forum that would empower women with new leadership skills. We wanted to create a forum where women leaders could gain more self-awareness and create positive changes in their organizations and communities. Out of those conversations came the Towson University Professional Leadership Program for Women.

Feedback for the Professional Leadership Program for Women

In January 2015, we welcomed seventeen leaders from a diverse background of leadership roles into our inaugural class. The semester included panel discussions, group and individual coursework taught by recognizable leaders from our area, and one-on-one coaching. At the end of the semester, through discussions with those who participated, it became clear to me that we had something very special here.

“The semester was life-changing. We had opportunities to look within ourselves and to take the time to work to be the leaders we can be and know we are. The partnerships I created with my colleagues from my semester is amazing. I know that if I need anything, I could reach out and they would be there for me.”

Kristie Snedeker
Director of Clinical Operations, UMMC-Shock Trauma
program alumna

“My biggest take away was ‘Think less. Take action. Be authentic.’ I use this not only at work but at home as well.”

Erin Adams-Ports
Development Director, United Way of Central Maryland
program alumna

From the early planning stages, we prioritized making sure there were immediate take-aways for participants to bring back to their organizations after each session. Our regional employers and leaders told us this would be a critical asset to the program’s sustainability and value.

“You’ve all heard the buzzwords – networking, values, coaching – but this program puts them into action.”

“My colleague benefited, but Leg Mason benefitted too. (Meggan) is now a more confident leader is more confident in being a role model in our organization.”

“It was a great return on our investment.”

Stephanie Beran
Managing Director, Legg Mason
speaking about her colleague, Meggan Saulo, who graduated from the 2015 Program

We assessed and evaluated every component of last year’s program and requested feedback throughout. Something we heard over and over again was that the deliberate mix of individuals in the program that spanned across industries, government and nonprofit organizations, was one of the most enriching parts of the experience.

“The program starts with an organization recognizing it has talent and knowing it wants that talent to succeed and thrive. When I heard about this program, it really fit the bill for what we were looking for. Tracy was new to the organization and showed a great deal of promise. We wanted to give her an opportunity to grow and excel and this program was the perfect fit. What we recognized was that she came back and was more confident and eager to take on more responsibility.”

“The program also provides a turn-key support system that she can call on to provide support and mentorship. That’s invaluable.”

Larry Twele
CEO, Howard County Economic Development Authority
speaking about his colleague, Tracy Turner, who graduated from the 2015 Program

Professional Leadership Program for Women Preview Event

We held a preview event for the upcoming 2016 class last week. We were so happy that dozens of potential candidates were able to hear the benefits of the program from the first-hand accounts of alumnae and program instructors. Christine Aspell serves as one of our program speakers and as Managing Partner for KPMG is a visible voice for women’s leadership across our region. Christine summed the program up nicely when she said, “It’s about the connections and bonds that are formed. It’s a meaningful program that allows women to change their lives and other’s lives as well.” She ended by saying, “You have two hands, one to push yourself forward and the other to pull others along with you.”

Apply for the Next Professional Leadership Program for Women Class

With one class under our belt we couldn’t be more confident in the need, uniqueness, impact, and approach of our program. This January we will welcome our second class. If you or a colleague are interested in becoming part of this growing leadership network, click here to receive an application and a program schedule.

Here is a look at our preview event.