This year marks Towson University’s 150th Anniversary. To celebrate, the Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI) conducted a study regarding the impacts Towson University has had on Maryland’s economy and its communities since opening in 1866. RESI’s researchers and economists used information regarding the University’s operations, graduates, alumni giving, TU Foundation giving, student spending, and events to estimate these impacts. It is clear from this comprehensive report that Towson University contributes to Maryland’s economy in numerous ways, everything from the most obvious – students spending money in our community – to the most long lasting – our talented graduates living and working within our state.

TU150 Economic Impact Study: Executive Summary

Here you find the Executive Summary of Towson University’s Economic Impact, which highlights the big numbers of the comprehensive study.

TU150 Economic Impact StudyTU150 Economic Impact Study: Video

In partnership with the Office of Partnerships and Outreach and the Division of University Marketing and Communications, a video was produced to accompany the study.

TU150 Economic Impact Study: Full Report

If you have more time and would like to view the full study and learn the methodology used, please read the study in its entirety.

TU150 Economic Impact Study