We are back with another #StudentExperience blog post, where we highlight the hardworking students who work within the Division of Innovation and Applied Research at Towson University.

Chrissy is a junior studying business administration with a concentration in marketing. Since August 2014, she has worked as a student communications assistant in the Office of Partnerships and Outreach within the Division of Innovation and Applied Research. Chrissy provides administration and events planning support for the Division’s contracted and signature events, including the Professional Leadership Program for Women. “I really enjoyed working on the Professional Leadership Program for Women,” she said. “I felt that all of my hard work behind the scenes paid off and helped to make the program a success.”

#StudentExperience: Chrissy Basuino

#StudentExperience: Chrissy Basuino

Chrissy says she has become really good at navigating Excel (We thank you for it!) since starting in this position. Her advice for other students looking to gain experience? Try everything and anything in order to know what you do or do not like.

After graduation, Chrissy would like to work for either an event planning firm or a consumer behavior company.

Fun Stuff About Chrissy:

  • What are two apps you can’t live without? Outlook and Snapchat
  • What would your superhero power be? I would like to have super human speed so I wouldn’t have to drive and I would be able to get places really quickly.
  • What is a special hobby you have? I love crafting, cooking, and watching Big Bother.