We are back with another #StudentExperience blog post, where we highlight the hardworking students who work within the Division of Innovation and Applied Research at Towson University.

Karter is a senior studying economics at Towson University. He has been supporting the Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI) as a research intern. In his role, he provides research for various projects, including researching the top 100 metropolitan statistical areas (MSA). “I gathered various economic data for each MSA and found data for each MSA’s NFL team (if they had one),” said Karter. “It was rewarding to create a large excel spreadsheet with all the data. The data will be used to study the effect of a football team on an MSA’s economy.” During his time at RESI, he has learned valuable time management skills and how to better balance his work and school schedules.


#StudentExperience: Karter Seamonson

Karter’s advice for other students looking to gain experience? Be open to trying new things. Economics can be broad so explore your options.

After graduation, in addition to looking for a job, Karter would like to enjoy the summer, play some golf, and watch ‘his Cubbies’ win a World Series.


  • What are two apps you can’t live without? Twitter and one of my music apps (Pandora or Soundcloud)
  • If your life was a movie, what would the theme song be? Lose Yourself by Lil Wayne
  • What would your superhero power be? Ability to fly
  • What is a special hobby you have? I love to golf