Each day, Americans are inspired to live healthier, more active lifestyles. 55.3 million people belong to at least one of the 36,180 health clubs located in the United States. And, according to economists, the number of jobs within the fitness industry are expected to grow by 23.2 percent through 2023. Personal trainer jobs are driving that increase. To address this workforce trend, Towson University Continuing & Professional Studies has added a Personal Trainer Certification course to their fall course catalog.

Why A Personal Trainer Certification Course?

Besides the expected job growth, what are the benefits of becoming a certified personal trainer?

Job Satisfaction—Most personal trainers rank themselves as being highly satisfied with their work. As a personal trainer you coach a wide variety of people from various backgrounds and experiences. While your clients are learning from you, you will learn from them. That creates an interpersonal richness not found in most careers.

Flexible Hours—The fitness industry is built around entrepreneurs and self-starters. Personal trainers typically set their own work schedule. And, their hourly rate of pay is pretty substantial. That means, they set their own hours and control their own level of success.

Making a Difference—The role of a personal trainer is to develop safe and effective techniques to help clients reach their goals. Along with that, they coach clients on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. And, more and more, doctors and physical therapists are referring patients to personal trainers.

Healthcare Industry—Personal Trainers are part of the fast growing wellness movement within the dynamic and rapidly growing healthcare. More importantly, you will find yourself in the middle of one the fastest growing movements that has only just begun to earn a place at the prevention table.

Easy to Get Started—While all personal trainers are really into fitness, not everybody who is into fitness would be a good personal trainer. In order to assess, create, and teach your clients, personal trainers must learn anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, neurology and nutrition. They must also pass a national certification exam. Towson University’s Personal Trainer Certification course makes it easy for anyone to get started.

Towson University Personal Trainer Certification Course Details

Towson University’s Personal Trainer Certification course is a 300 hour program and is broken into two modules and is taught by experienced instructors educated in exercise sciences. Weekly gym time allows students to apply the in-depth theoretical knowledge they learn in the classroom. During the second module, students will work with clients in a wellness center setting. At the end of the course students will sit for the National Strength and Conditioning Association national certification exam.

To learn more about this program or to register, go to our website.