Although we just wrapped up the summer session at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Towson University, registration for our fall semester is in full swing. Classes begin September 12 and are held in our classrooms at 7400 York Road, Towson, MD. For more information on how you or someone you know can get involved with Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Towson University, send me an email. I would be happy to help!

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Towson University Fall 2016 schedule of classes has something for everyone!

01 operaFor those who love music—There is J.S. Bach: “Mediocre Composer” taught by Jonathan Palevsky, program director for WBJC, 91.5 FM and host of Face the Music, Past Masters, WBJC Opera Fest and regular classical programming on WBJC. If you love opera, then Verismo Opera: Musical Grit and Gore taught by James Harp, the artistic director of the Modell Performing Arts Center at the Lyric, is for you.
02 musical theatreMusical theater fans are enthusiastic about Ellen Katz’s Four More Great Supermusicals and the corresponding film series. She will explore Fiddler on the Roof, Jersey Boys, Chicago, and La Cage aux Folles. Patti Enoch will captivate her students this fall with two classes: Dancing Ladies will investigate the impact of the female influence on dance in America from Vaudeville to Broadway to ballet and modern dance while Dancing for the Camera in the Golden Age of Movie Musicals will explore the exciting dance treasures from the Golden Age of film.
03 norman rockwellArt lovers can choose from an array of classes this fall. Joseph Cassar’s Monet, Impressionism, and Giverny returns this semester and promises to be a popular class. Minimalism and the Birth of Contemporary Art taught by Michael Salcman, M.D. (poet, neurosurgeon, art collector and art historian), will enlighten students on the importance of the Minimalist movement. Ann Wiker will discuss Famous Illustrators such as Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth, and Maxfield Parrish in her class. Howard Cohen will share his love of glass art in The Creative Process: An Exploration of the Work of Six Contemporary Glass Artists. Steve Dembo’s class on Photography and Culture in the 20th/21st Century: Photos that Changed the World will investigate the impact of iconic photographs on society and culture.
04 bride of frankensteinMovie lovers have two great film series options to look forward to this fall. Eric Gratz uses his expertise as a mental health professional to select provocative films for his Film Series: Guilt and Doubt with Dead Man Walking, Doubt, The Reader, and Ida as the movies to be seen and discussed. Arnold Blumberg, a cinema historian and film reviewer, will be showing and facilitating discussion for Dracula, Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, and House of Dracula in Film Series: Horror is Universal.
05 philip rothLooking to expand your knowledge of Philip Roth? Join William Florman’s course on Zuckerman Bound: A Trilogy and Epilogue. Or impress your friends with your newfound expertise on English culture in the 20th century as it was transformed by The Bloomsbury Group: Visual Art, Conversation, Ideas taught by retired Towson University faculty, Jacqueline Wilkotz. If you’d rather, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of verse in Thomas Dorsett’s class, The Odes of John Keats.
06 mapYou want a little something more biblical in your reading, you say? Well, in that case, Father Bob Albright will enlighten you on the Story, History, and Geography of the Bible. But, if instead, learning about the origins and mythos surrounding the devil might be more interesting, Ellen O’Brien’s course, The Devil is in the Details might be more your thing. Or, why not take them both?!
07 fireSpeaking of a hot time, Baltimore historian, Wayne Shaumburg will detail the impact of the disastrous fire that destroyed the downtown business district in his class, The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904: “A Hot Time in the Old Town!”
08 cosmic beginA different type of “Big Bang” will be discussed as Alex Storrs, Ph.D., astronomy professor and director of the Towson University observatory and planetarium, will address the beginnings of the universe in Cosmic Origins. John Spears, Ph.D., will teach A Quick History of Humans which distills the last 50,000 years of human history from human origins in Africa to the present—all in an 8 week course! But let’s face it, some humans are more interesting than others. You can learn about one such interesting fellow in Diane Willen’s class, History and Film: The World of Henry VIII where lecture is paired with the viewing of two films: Anne of the Thousand Days and A Man for All Seasons.
09 white houseU.S. Presidents are pretty interesting in their own right and that will be apparent as TU political science professor, Michael Korzi discusses George W. Bush and Barak Obama in Presidential Power in the 21st Century. Conversation on the controversial legislation, the Affordable Care Act is explored in Ann Farrell’s second Osher course on the topic, Obamacare: The Plot Sickens.
10 beautiful strugleReligion and Politics in the Middle East is rife with complexity and Charles Schmitz, Ph.D., professor of geography at Towson University, will help to sort out the interrelationships between Islam, the state, and modern politics in the Middle East. Meanwhile, in our own country, the complex issues surrounding race will be explored through Book Discussion: Race Relations through Memoir with retired UMBC sociology professor, Fred Pincus, facilitating discussions of three contemporary memoirs: Fire Shut Up in My Bones by Charles Blow, The Beautiful Struggle by Ta-Nehisi Coates, and My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor.
11 acupunctureFinding Balance: An Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine, taught by licensed acupuncturist, Trina Lion, will provide insight into one of the oldest medical practices in the world. Could some of these self-help strategies be right for you? Camie Woodall, Ph.D., will focus her course on Nutrition and Emotional Health and in particular the non-drug interventions that can foster good overall health. Lastly, some say that a daily glass of wine is essential to good health. If so, Philippe Duverger, Ph.D., assistant professor of marketing at Towson University, will have a healthy class of connoisseurs in his French Wines Demystified course by the end of the semester.