Last spring, Towson University Continuing & Professional Studies launched Fridays for Workforce Innovation as a way to connect our education, business, nonprofit, and government communities. It is a monthly discussion that looks at innovations and best practices in workforce development and training.

We are kicking off the fall semester with a round table discussion on team building and the importance of creating a strong team mentality. Many of our clients employ us to develop and deliver team building services that are tailored to their employees and mission. Growing a strong team not only allows for employees to buy in to the core values of an organization but also encourages productivity and dedication from employees. When employees feel valued, connected, and unified they want to work harder for their employer. Team building is simply an investment in employees and profit.

On September 23, our discussion will be led by Bernie Reynolds, associate director of Workforce Development. We have invited one of our talented instructors, Dan Leonard, to talk about the significance and strategies of team building from an industry perspective. We have also invited our client, Michael Wiedecker from the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA), to speak about the first hand results of the investment he has made in his team.

Join Me on September 23

Fridays for Workforce Innovation is a free event held in Room 301, 7400 York Road, 8:30 AM–9:30 AM. Located just south of TU’s campus, getting here is easy and parking is free. So is the coffee!

To join our discussion, register online or email us at I think you’ll be glad you did!