For the past 10 years, the Division of Academic Affairs and the Division of Innovation and Applied Research have collaborated to host the TU Showcase, highlighting collaborative projects and programs between Towson University and non-profits, schools, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and businesses. This presents endless opportunities for TU faculty, researchers, and administrators to, not only share their impactful work, but also expand their projects and programs by making connections within and outside the Towson University campus.

This year, with President Schatzel’s priority around BTU, we are very excited that we have a new name—The BTU Showcase. Also new this year is the location—SECU Arena. With the new location comes the opportunity to showcase many more projects, programs, and partnerships. In previous years, we have been able to showcase approximately 14 projects and programs. With the new location, we are able showcase as many as 40.

btu showcase

An Opportunity for TU Faculty and Staff

Towson University faculty, staff, and administrators should consider submitting their project, program, or center to participate in the BTU Showcase. Over the years, this event has drawn a diverse crowd and has brought many faculty and staff new funding and partnership opportunities.

Submissions should fit into the following categories:

  • Centers, institutes, or programs that are focused on external partnerships and outreach
  • Projects that have been completed recently or are currently being completed in partnership with an external organization(s)—specifically ones that might be expanded or replicated with other partners

To enter your submission, please complete this form by February 8.