Towson University values its university-community partnerships. In 2016, President Schatzel made the support and growth of partnerships a top priority at TU. BTU—Partnerships at Work For Greater Baltimore—helps elevate the work we are doing to better address the needs of our region.

The BTU Council

Last week marked the first BTU Council meeting, where I was joined by a diverse group of members, representing the colleges, departments, centers, and institutes across the TU campus. While there have been groups in the past focused around partnerships, one of the main tasks that the BTU Council is specifically charged with is capturing all of the partnerships that TU has throughout Greater Baltimore (and beyond). By capturing this information, we will be able to:

  • Support existing partnerships
  • Make connections between potential external partners and Towson University
  • Assess partnership growth
  • Evaluate and fill gaps in thematic areas

Putting the BTU Database to Work

How will we capture this information exactly? I’ll be continuing to share more about this as it develops, but we are very excited to share that we have created and launched a BTU database within Salesforce that will help us with all of these tasks. In the past, this information was collected and saved in Excel spreadsheets, but with such a diverse range of partnerships, we needed a more complex system, and the new BTU database satisfies that.

This is where you come in, we need your help putting the database to work:

  • Towson University faculty and staff working with an outside school, business, government agency, non-profit, etc. please get your information in the database now by completing the Partnership/Relationship Record Form on TU’s Faculty & Staff Resources page.
  • If you are an outside organization or company that is doing work with Towson University, we want to hear from you as well. Please submit information about a current or past partnership(s) with TU on our Partnerships page.

I look forward to sharing more about this exciting new aspect of BTU as it continues to grow and become a valuable resource for Towson University and our partners throughout Greater Baltimore.