There is just a little more than a month to go before the BTU Showcase, and the plans are coming together. We have a great group of exhibitors, jumping from 15 in 2016 to nearly 50 this year. If businesses or community groups are interested in partnering, in any capacity, with Towson University, the BTU Showcase is the place to be. As we countdown, I will continue to feature some of the great projects and centers that will be represented at this year’s event, with each post focusing on one of the five BTU impact areas:


Lifelong Health and Well-Being

Towson University believes that supporting family stability through the lens of health and well-being is essential and TU is working across the spectrum to provide services from pre-natal to the elderly.

Occupational Therapy Center

Through a variety of programs and partnerships, the Occupational Therapy Center supports healthy aging including a GPS study to track community mobility, home environment assessments to age-in-place, and hand function and fall prevention screenings.

Pre-Driving Readiness Program

Offered through the Occupational Therapy Center at the Institute for Well-Being, the Pre-Driving Readiness Program provided a collaborative opportunity with the Mann Residential Treatment Center, part of the Sheppard Pratt Health System. Students from the Mann Residential Treatment Center participated in a 10 week inclusive program that offered experiential opportunities to improve life, pre-driving, social participation, and performance skills.

Institute for Well-Being

Composed of five centers and headquartered in downtown Towson, the Institute for Well-Being provides students in the College of Health Professions with professional training in community-based clinical programs. In FY16 736 students provided services to nearly 4,000 individuals from the Greater Baltimore community.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Osher at Towson University offers adults, age 50 and older, opportunities for continued learning, along with programs and activities for social and cultural enrichment in a congenial and supportive environment.

osher lifelong learning institute at Towson University

To learn more about these and other potential partnership opportunities at Towson University, be sure to join me on Monday, April 24 at the 10th Annual BTU Showcase. For more information or to register, visit