Leadership development programs have become an increasingly hot topic not only in the private sector but also in the public sector. More often than not, individuals enter a work position due to the fact they possess a unique or strong skill set. They are essentially the best person for their position. Over time they may change positions and sometimes take on more leadership roles. However, in most cases, people in leadership roles have not been taught leadership skills and principles. Leadership development programs help address this skills gap and help align leadership with corporate goals.

Making an Investment

Leadership development programs aren’t just an investment in an individual, but an investment in their organization. Employees at all levels of management understand the importance of learning and skills development. This makes perfect sense, since continuous learning is a key strategy for crafting a sustainable career. By encouraging and providing access to leadership development programs, employees feel as if their organization is investing in them personally.

When employees feel invested in:

  • Retention increases
  • Teams become more productive
  • Alliances are built throughout an organization

Understanding Leadership Style

To be effective leaders, employees need to understand their leadership styles. This was taken into account when Towson University developed the Professional Leadership Program for Women. Like most leadership programs, ours is intended to help build, develop, and cultivate leadership skills in early- to mid-career leaders. However, to set our program apart from others, our sessions have a greater focus on understanding leadership styles.

We assume our participants already understand the purpose of strategic plans and the importance of organizational goals. Instead, we empower participants to look within themselves to define their personal beliefs, their personal branding, and their personal leadership style. We then ask them to understand how they, as individuals, connect to the cultural goals of their organization. Finally, we help them develop leadership skills that reflect their personal belief system to better manage their teams in a 360° style.

We have seen incredible success with the Professional Leadership Program for Women. Our leadership coaches enable individuals in other leadership development programs to develop personal strengths and leverage new tools in their professional lives.

There is of course a cost to leadership development. However, there is often an even greater cost to not providing leadership training. We understand that each business has their own unique challenges and needs. Towson University Continuing & Professional Studies tailors leadership development programs to address the strategic needs of an organization while empowering its leaders.

Look for more posts in the coming weeks about custom leadership programs we offer to individuals and businesses throughout Greater Baltimore.