Over the past three years of running the Towson University Professional Leadership Program for Women, we have been able to tactically grow and expand the program. With increased awareness of the program and the unique content format, we have attracted more government, non-profit, and corporate partners. This has allowed us to build community relationships and help to support BTU—the growth of partnerships to better address the needs of the region.

A New Leadership Academy Forms

An exciting example of this is the LifeBridge Health Leadership Academy at Towson University. Over the past two years LifeBridge Health has sent several amazing candidates through TU’s Professional Leadership Program for Women. After observing how these participants were able to implement the learning objectives into their leadership style and work teams, Joe Quinn, Chief Human Resource Officer for LifeBridge Health, approached the Towson University Continuing & Professional Studies to develop a leadership academy for their executive team.

With the continued growth of LifeBridge Health and the acquisition of several hospitals, Neil Meltzer, CEO of LifeBridge Health, and Quinn wanted to institute a program to assist with further alignment of the various departments and hospitals of the LifeBridge Health system, especially in the ever changing health care landscape.

They also saw this as a strategic learning opportunity. The academy focused on improving leadership skills as they relate to

  • engagement
  • retention
  • team development

With the success of the TU’s Professional Leadership Program for Women, we have seen a new leadership network grow where one didn’t exist before. Program participants have created a network that provides support, information, and insight. Participants of the new LifeBridge Health Leadership Academy will be able to create an internal network that will help position the health system as a leader.

lifebridge health leadership development

Participants of the Lifebridge Health Leadership Academy at Towson University

The LifeBridge Health Leadership Academy commenced on March 29 and has included seven full-day sessions over a three month period. Development and design of the program to tailor the content to their needs was made up of a combination of contributors from LifeBridge Health, Towson University, and the program’s facilitator Kathleen Case of Case Leadership Institute.

The first cohort consisted of twenty two participants including vice presidents and directors from a range of departments and hospitals to accurately represent the diversity of departmental contributions and goals to the overall system. The planning process for the fall cohort has begun and through the program it is clear LifeBridge Health has a long term commitment to cultivating its leaders—not only for the success of the health system but for the Maryland community and current and future patients.