When finding out that I work for a university, people often think that means I have off for summer break. However, while students leave campus for the season, the work of faculty and staff continues.

One major item on my summer to-do list in particular, is completing an annual review of all of the external partnerships that are part of BTU—Partnerships at Work For Greater Baltimore. We are very excited that, for the first time this year, we are able to do this through the BTU Database, which we have been populating with partnership information over the past several months. While one of the goals of BTU is to capture the collaborative work taking place between TU and community partners, another, and possibly a more important goal, is to make sure that those partnerships are going well and are supported.

Partnership Feedback Request

Just last week, we started the first step in the process. We requested partnership feedback from Towson University contacts who are responsible for managing the corresponding projects and programs. While I am eager to see the feedback responses from faculty and staff, it is at least as important for us to receive feedback from the community partners. This is step two in the process.

If you are an individual, business, organization, or community group working with Towson University, we want to include you in this annual process. Please help us capture this information by completing a partner form.

I look forward to sharing more information about university-community partnerships as we collect and compile this information, as well as finding more opportunities to expand and strengthen TU’s work throughout Greater Baltimore.

As always, if you have any questions about BTU or if you’re interested in partnering with Towson University, please email the Office of Partnerships and Outreach.