While some may be “born-to-lead” and others grow into leadership characteristics and roles, a good leader knows that he or she will need some help along the way. Professional development programs water the seeds of leadership capabilities within organizations to help their own people rise to be effective contributors to teams and networks.

Emerging leaders are vital to the growth and progress of any organization. These fresh and energetic upcomers possess an insight to day-to-day operations and can see and implement change from the ground up. Filled with passion, emerging leaders channel their energy into productive teams and effective workplace culture.

An Investment In the Future

Why should investing in professional development programs for emerging leaders matter? Because it’s an investment in the future of entire organization. Instead of searching for talent outside of the organization, the talent is found within, utilizing the organization’s own resources. A professional program can also instill the organization’s expectations for the new leaders, ensuring the right path and future of organizational goals.

An Investment In the Person

Employees are the most valuable resource any organization or institution can possess. Emerging leaders already have the know-how and the can-do spirit, and challenging them will only unleash creativity and productivity. By providing them with the tools and resources—watering the seeds of leadership—emerging leaders can flourish. What the organization gets in return are fully capable leaders, eager to spark creativity and innovation.

Forging Emerging Leaders at Towson University

At Towson University, leadership coaches and facilitators create an environment for individuals to become a powerful voice for change and innovation. TU leadership development programs are customized to fit specific organizational needs.

We recently created a new emerging leaders program for employees of the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). The program sets the foundation for new and aspiring leaders with little to no management or leadership experience. Through assessments, panel discussions, and one-on-one coaching sessions, the program maps out the expectations and responsibilities needed for leaders in their respective roles. After participating in the program, emerging leaders at DHCD will be able to:

  • Confirm career development as a cultural and business priority
  • Learn and apply skills that expand critical leadership capacity
  • Experience the power of collaboration and networking by enabling a community of peers who understand and appreciate each other
  • Understand expectation for the next generation of leaders
  • Solidify their own vision of the future within the organization

Remember, in order to allow the seed to grow, you must add water.