If you have attended a Preview at TU’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, you may have sampled some pastries or other sweets that have been carefully arranged on platters by the members of the Social Committee. While you were taking a piece of rugalach or a mini éclair, you might have noticed a sign on the table that says, “Refreshments sponsored by the Patty Beere Ruby Memorial Program”, but you may not know much about Patty.

About Patty Beere Ruby

As some of our Osher members may know, Patty Beere Ruby, or Patty as I knew her, was my step-mom. She was an avid master gardener and someone who was always cooking delicious meals for family and friends in the kitchen of her Baltimore home. Her heart was made of gold and her smile could light up a room full.

osher patty beere ruby

Shelby Ruby Jones (right) with Patty Beere Ruby.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Patty during my freshman year of high school, after she and my dad began dating. There was an instant click, and from day one we had a special bond. Patty always seemed to have a way of sparking relationships with people around her. She had a special connection with everyone she met and was known and loved by many within the Towson University community. While working here at Towson, Patty was a senior project manager for extended education and online education in the Division of Innovation and Applied Research. She was also a huge champion for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute that we know and love today.

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Patty was always someone who listened intently as people spoke but was also happy to teach when requested. Fond memories of the life lessons she shared fill my mind. She taught me how to gather ingredients from the farmers market and make gallons of fresh (and delicious) tomato sauce, how to always ensure that my hydrangeas turn blue, and the joys of Law & Order marathons on a quiet Saturday morning. The most important thing she shared doesn’t have one specific memory. Patty shared another way of loving the life you have been given. Patty loved her family and friends with vigor and might, loved making spur of the moment decisions, and truly loved having people to love. She lived her life with the music up, the windows down, and her hopes high.

Carrying on a Tradition of Support for Osher

Patty unfortunately passed away after a short battle with cancer in March of 2008. She was 56 years old. She not only made a lasting impact at Towson University during her time on earth, but she also left a lasting legacy through an endowment with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute that was established in her name after her untimely passing. The Patty Beere Ruby Memorial Endowment continues to assist in ensuring long-term promotion and celebration for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Towson University that she always stood behind. Although Patty is no longer with us, her legacy continues to live on here at Osher. While her name will be included in other upcoming catalogs and signage at Previews, I hope to give you a sense of this special woman behind the name.