As 2017 comes to a close and we look forward to a new year, it’s always good to look at where we’ve been. Our year in review highlights some of our accomplishments, impacts, and stories from the past twelve months.

Creating Opportunities for Business Growth

TU Incubator supports and promotes venture creation and small business growth in order to stimulate economic development and to further the respective missions of Towson University and Baltimore County.

Impacting Our Economy

According to research by TU’s Regional Economic Studies Institute, TU Incubator has generated an economic yield of $150 million since launching in 2007.

Hitting Milestones

TU’s business incubator has grown to support the largest cluster of edtech companies in the DMV. And, nine of them have women founders, and over half of all companies were founded by either a woman or a person of color.

Connecting Companies to Investors

TU Incubator works to put member companies and products in front of key decision-makers and influencers to develop partnerships between customers, investors, and partners.

Supporting Startup Founders

TU Incubator provides business support and networks to seed and early stage companies that have a viable plan for growth. Get to know more about some of the founders and their products.

Working on Impactful Projects

TU’s Center for GIS and Regional Economic Studies Institute provide analytical, technical, and research services and support on projects that directly impact the citizens of our state and region.

Mapping Maryland's Comparative Advantages

From the presence of Maryland’s military installations and federal research facilities to fertile farmland and high ed, the Regional Economic Studies Institute’s senior economist provides insight into what’s really driving the state’s economy.

Addressing Storm Surge with Visualization Tools

TU’s Center for GIS is developing a Climate Impact Visualization tool designed to increase understanding among planners and emergency service personnel of the progression, extent and impacts of coastal flooding related to storm surge.

Developing and Supporting Partnerships

The Office of Partnerships & Outreach works to make connections across the region and, in partnership with other departments, is tasked with managing BTU—Partnerships at Work for Greater Baltimore.

Aligning Our Campus with Our Community

Inclusion in the nation’s biggest anchor network will help guide TU’s strategies, policies, and processes addressing hiring, investing, and purchasing goals in Greater Baltimore.

Engaging Students On and Off Campus

Because of BTU’s support, the Towson Theatre Infusion program was able to expand and bring students to campus from schools which otherwise would not have been able to participate.

Building and Scaling Partnerships

With a goal of connecting faculty and staff with external partners, BTU Showcase sparks communication and collaboration between departments that may not happen otherwise

Mentoring & Engaging Students

Towson University students are intelligent, focused, and energetic, and, through internships and paid positions, provide support, while developing new skills sets.

Mentoring Undergrad Students

Matthew Lowinger, at TU sophomore passionate about venture creation and social responsibility, writes how three mentors “help make my dream a reality by teaching me all aspects of venture creation and entrepreneurship.”

Providing Real-World Experience

While working with the Center for GIS, TU graduate student Newsha Amirihormozaki developed an engineering document search tool for the MPA that enables staff to quickly search a drawing archive database.

Teaching New Technology to Students

Ashley Buzzeo presented to Professor Trevor Iles’ Principles of Marketing course in TU's College of Business and Economics on the use of GIS technology and spatial data to support targeted marketing analysis.

Highlighting Our Campus & Colleagues

Towson University is the largest university in Greater Baltimore and the fastest-growing in Maryland. Faculty, students, and staff are making contributions across campus and across the region.

Recognizing Leadership

Dr. Nancy Grasmick believes leaders of any kind cannot be everything; it is important for leaders to galvanize the people around them; and that engagement is key.

Spotlighting Our Colleagues

Under Jackie’s leadership, TU’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute grew membership to 700+ and increased academic and social programming four days per week.

Highlighting Campus Successes

Campus collaborations between the SGA and Office of Civic Engagement yields national recognition for student efforts to increase voter engagement during 2016 election.

Recognizing Faculty Work

Marlene Riley, Clinical Associate Professor and Associate Graduate Faculty, was recognized for her work with the Baltimore County Department of Aging.

Addressing Workforce Needs

Towson University is integral to growing Maryland’s economy and workforce. Through research and continuing education and professional development programs we offer insight and open career pathways.

Growing Leadership Development

Building on the success of other on-campus leadership development programs, we have created customized programs to support the growth of one of the country’s top health systems.

Offering Industry Certifications

Finding the time for continuing education courses can be a challenge. TU’s Continuing & Professional Studies makes getting industry certifications a bit easier with online courses.

Forecasting Occupations

Competition for some jobs can be fierce, while for other occupation employers can’t find enough qualified candidates. TU’s Regional Economic Studies Institute uses proprietary tools to forecast job growth.

Providing Pathways to Top IT Careers

There is a shortage of IT professionals across the country. TU’s Cisco Networking Academy provides a pathway to the top professional IT careers and jobs.

Creating Real-World Solutions

Solutions created by our team of economists, researchers, and technologists empower public, private, and nonprofit organizational decision-making throughout Maryland and across the region.

Integrating New Technologies

The Center for GIS built and maintains the Towson University Campus Map using the Google Maps API and uses Google Street View images and panoramas in applications to add context and value to applications.

Safeguarding Your WordPress Site

WordPress is a fantastic, open-source web design tool. However, as it grows in popularity, WordPress becomes an easy target for hackers to find security flaws in its source code and the question of security rises.

Connecting to Communities

We support and provide opportunities for conversations among diverse groups of people from across the state.

Teaching Maryland's History

Dorchester County native reflects on her ancestors’ history with slavery to inform a new class at Osher Lifelong learning Institute on slavery and the treatment of free blacks on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Learning from a Master Musician

Noted R&B and blues musician provides unique blend of academic insight into the origins of rock ‘n’ roll and amazing first-hand accounts from the instructor’s life.