Mohammad is a senior studying business administration and finance at Towson University, where he also works as a finance analyst for TU Incubator. He provides financial advice and assistance to incubator member companies helping them to create their financial statements and understand how to use them. “I’ve been learning a lot at TU Incubator, one of which is how to manage my time between school and work,” said Mohammad.

TU Incubator works to provide support and promotion of venture creation and small business growth to stimulate economic growth. Mohammad is tasked with financial analysis in an assortment of industries. “I’ve enjoyed working on a variety of projects that were interesting in the education industry, but the less financial information they have the more interesting and the harder the project is,” he said.

Mohammad’s advice for other students looking to gain real-world experience during college? “I suggest that you get the best experience you could. Work hard and stay focused. Always ask about what you don’t know. Learn.”

Mohammad is dedicated to enhancing his experiences and knowledge of finance, learning and working hard to reach his goals of having a stable career within the financial field.


Fun Stuff about Mohammad

  • What are two apps you can’t live without? WhatsApp is really crucial to me because my family group chat is there where I can keep in touch daily with the family. Second, is my email app, which combine my work, school, and personal emails.
  • If your life was a movie, what would the theme song be? Everybody Knows by Sigrid
  • What would your superhero power be? I would be the superhero that I want to be and my superhero power would be to heal people and end poverty.
  • What is a fun fact most people don’t know about you? I like to walk and walk and walk. It makes me explore different and new areas.