Organizations pay a high price for ineffective leadership and dysfunctional teams. Low productivity, high staff turnover, and poor customer service can cripple profits and productivity. Focusing on improving leadership skills and building effective teams are high-ROI areas for organizational improvement. Towson University’s leadership development programs use scientifically grounded behavior assessments to create a foundation of self-awareness upon which to build and improve new skills, abilities, and knowledge.

One of our most widely used tools is the Dominance Influence Steadiness Conscientiousness (DiSC®) Assessment tool, which provides self-assessment of the four-different personality types and how one’s natural tendencies impact the way information is processed and delivered. The tool is a simple assessment, relatively inexpensive, easy to understand, and quickly adapts to a wide range of circumstances.

One of the best uses of the DiSC assessment is that it provides a framework to quickly understand others. It can help analyze the potential for team success, team conflict or more importantly the true test of a team—team work.

Our recent webinar—Teams and Teamwork: Using DiSC to Achieve High Performance—highlights the deeper meaning of the four DiSC styles, how one’s dominant style relates to others, and how styles play into high performance teams.

View the webinar below. And, if you have any questions, reach out to me. I’d be glad to discuss ways Towson University can help you build your dream team.