As 2018 comes to a close and we look forward to a new year, we take this time to look at where we’ve been. Our year in review highlights some of our accomplishments, impacts, and stories from the past twelve months.

Growing Partnerships

In partnership with Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, we manage and support BTU—Partnerships at Work for Greater Baltimore.

Investing in Partnerships

“These investments represent a significant cultural shift to sustain, scale, align and institutionalize meaningful community engagement at Towson University.”

Celebrating Impactful Partnerships

“Partnerships create intentional and authentic learning experiences for students and are an investment in our collective future as community members of Greater Baltimore.”

Collaborating with Youth Partners

“In this model, collaborative arts become a powerful vehicle for all to engage in experiential activities that involve creative risk-taking, problem-solving, stumbling, failing, communicating, and expressing ourselves—together.”

Driving Partnership Engagement

By funding transportation requests, Towson University is able to better support projects, programs, and partnerships throughout Greater Baltimore.

Supporting venture creation

TU Incubator supports local, regional, and national member companies with the resources, support, and networks needed to succeed.

An Economic Development Success Story

“Going from a business concept to 5x revenue and 10x employee growth over a few years took real focus and support. And the team at TU Incubator delivered a big piece of that early support for Motifworks.”

TU Incubator Member Workbench Acquired by Google

“The combination of the TU Incubator leadership and their visibility into providing the highest value to our K-12 students, teachers, and administrators was key.”

Addressing Workforce Needs

We have implemented several new continuing education courses based on growing demand and have updated other courses to reflect industry changes so working professionals are prepared to meet the demands of the workforce.

New Hybrid PMP Class Beginning

This year we built a new hybrid version of our popular PMP® prep course that combines two on-campus classes with online learning.

Leadership Program Creates Opportunities

“TU saw an opportunity to engage with and invest in the careers of professional women at a time when others had not taken such a direct approach.”

Achieving High Performing Teams

TU’s leadership and organizational development programs help organizations achieve higher performing teams.

Developing Solutions

We provide analysis, technical, and research services to the region’s businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations that directly benefit the citizens of our state and region.

Addressing Economic Disparities

From disparities in the workforce to those in transportation, the Regional Economic Studies Institute highlights persistent disparities that remain throughout Greater Baltimore.

Helping TUPD Keep Campus Safe

“We now have a clear boundary that incorporates local student address concentrations, and can easily determine if the location of a crime may qualify for issuance of a Timely Warning.”

Visualizing Unemployment Data

Each month, RESI economists provide detailed analysis of the latest unemployment numbers and provide an interactive display to compare sectors across the region

Training, Tips, and Tricks

Along with creating customized hands-on GIS training, the Center for GIS pulled together tips and tricks to help their peers get the most out of their programs.

Anchoring Our Community

Higher education institutions like TU are anchor institutions—local economic engines and mission-driven organizations tied to the long-term well-being of their local communities.

Strengthening Local Hiring

“The graduates of this program look to TU for opportunity, and whether it is temporary or permanent, we can provide a home where they can learn, develop, and grow to further their careers.”

TU Joins National Anchor Mission Initiative

Participation in the Initiative helps to deepen TU’s existing commitment to strategic partnerships, exemplified by BTU—Partnerships at Work for Greater Baltimore.

Mentoring students

Each semester, we create opportunities for TU students to work on real-world projects while gaining valuable resume-worthy skills that help get them career ready.

Meet our student workers.

Enriching Lives

Since 1999, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Towson University has been providing adults, age 50 and older, opportunities for continued learning, along with programs and activities for social and cultural enrichment.

What Makes Osher Great

“Having been involved with Towson University almost all of my educational career, … it’s just par excellence. It meets the standards of what we would expect from Towson University.”

A Lifelong Learning Community

“It’s amazing, and a lot of it has to do with the quality of the people leading us. That’s why we come back, and that’s why we volunteer.”

Convening community partners

In collaboration with faculty, staff, and external partners, we provide strategic planning and communications support to execute discussions and dialogue on campus.

Fight. Flight. Freeze.

“I wanted to express how common childhood trauma is, and how its effects can be lifelong. But there are also things you can do to help manage them and heal from trauma, and to support each other in that healing.

Potential of Partnerships on Display

“Not only do we get to highlight our current partnerships, this event creates opportunities for potential collaborations. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see what possibilities are out there that we haven’t explored.”

Why Diversity and Inclusion Matter to Maryland's Workforce

“This event is an amazing opportunity to lift up leaders in economic inclusion and leaders that are tackling new strategies to promote opportunities for individuals that are commonly left behind.”