My name is Kaylin, and it being a last semester senior at Towson University, I was eager to find an internship that would invest in me and give opportunities to diversify my skill set. With TU Incubator I was able to do that and much more.

While many seniors about to graduate are looking to finish strong in their specialized major, I took the opportunity to learn more about being an entrepreneur through a social entrepreneurship class at Towson University and working with startup founders at TU Incubator.

My supervisor David Cross, assistant director of Venture Creation, was generous with his time, help, and resources toward me. I got to have the full experience of working with a member company, InferCabulary, as well as seeing the vital role TU Incubator plays for these companies.

Being mentored was important to me, because I knew they would hold me accountable, help me grow, and build my network. Things that are common sense to people high up in their careers were new concepts to me. I learned and asked questions from my supervisors about the business world, the role I am now in, as well as asking for help and feedback. It was invaluable to learn some of the research databases they used like CrunchBase. If I had any issues, there was always the attitude of “let’s figure this out together.”

One of my favorite experiences involved participating in a Business Plan Fundamentals workshop, offered to members of TU Incubator. I heard from people who want to impact the Baltimore economy and boldly pursue their dreams as they created a roadmap for their businesses.

With the InferCabulary team, I was immediately welcomed. I was given creative freedom in my projects and the ability to work with a wide variety of the company’s departments. They offered me feedback and continual support. Beth Lawrence, a CEO of InferCabulary, and her team were always ready to let me do more and expand my capabilities.

At the EdTech Innovation Showcase, hosted by TU Incubator, I networked and saw startups that are transforming education in Greater Baltimore. I was watching entrepreneurs taking bold steps to pursue being an entrepreneur addressing real-world issues.

I remember David Cross saying to me that investors, like TU Incubator, invest not just in ideas, but in people. Not only did I get the opportunity to develop and put skills into practice, I also developed as a young business professional.

I would recommend this internship to college students of any background interested in being invested in and growing their entrepreneurial capabilities. I could not have asked for a better internship to launch me into my future career.