As we close out 2019 and look forward to a new decade, we take this time to look at where we’ve been. Our year in review highlights some of our accomplishments, impacts, and stories from the past twelve months.

Growing Partnerships

In partnership with Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, we manage and support BTU—Partnerships at Work for Greater Baltimore.

Partnerships hit milestone moment

BTU—Partnerships at Work for Greater Baltimore celebrated three years of growth. The presidential priority championing, resourcing, and scaling the incredible partnerships and community engaged projects being led by our faculty, staff and students.” MORE

TU celebrates community partners at annual awards event

The BTU Partnership Awards not only recognize faculty and staff but are an opportunity to celebrate TU’s community partners and the work they are doing to lift up our communities. MORE

Strong support helps partnerships grow

Through investments, we are able to help projects scale from emerging to priority investment, demonstrating the power of strong support throughout the university for partnership and community engagement work. MORE

Hands-on experience in helping a family

During summer 2019, a 37-member team from Towson University traveled to Kentucky on a forensic field study to help with a 39-year-old cold case. MORE

Supporting Venture Creation

TU Incubator supports local, regional, and national member companies with the resources, support, and networks needed to succeed.

Armory to be known as “The StarTUp”

In November, President Schatzel said the Armory will re-open in fall 2020 as “The StarTUp” and be TU’s front door for start-ups, small businesses, and corporations.” MORE

10 edtech startups bringing new tools to classroom

As part of Baltimore Innovation Week, TU Incubator hosted its annual EdTech Innovation Showcase to support emerging edtech-focused companies. MORE

McQuown to head up entrepreneurship

Aside from leading entrepreneurship strategy, McQuown will oversee the StarTUp at the historic Armory, as well as the TU Incubator. MORE

Addressing Workforce Needs

We have implemented several new continuing education courses based on growing demand and have updated other courses to reflect industry changes so working professionals are prepared to meet the demands of the workforce.


By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be millennials. During the same period, more than a quarter of them will assume management and leadership roles. Here are they skills they should develop. MORE

New corporate training opportunities announced

TU Continuing & Professional Studies just launched a new service for business and corporate professionals. Corporate training partnerships are designed for companies looking to recruit or retain talent. MORE

Developing Solutions

We provide analysis, technical, and research services to the region’s businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations that directly benefit the citizens of our state and region.

Putting Non-Profits on the Map

For many non-profits, the ‘where’ factor is a central, but easily undervalued part of their story. Where a non-profit is active is key to the organization’s identity, helping to define those it serves as well as the wider community it’s a part of and benefits. MORE

Policy Briefs Highlight Solutions to Disparities

Based on independent research and a series of round tables, RESI developed four policy briefs that present potential solutions to regional disparities—food insecurity, public education, access to employment, and transit. MORE

An interactive look at our economy

Each month, RESI economists provide detailed analysis of the latest employment numbers. To make more sense of Maryland’s employment data, we embed an interactive workbook and video into each report. MORE

Measuring and mapping Helping Up Mission’s impact

There are estimable costs attached to homelessness, addiction, and incarceration. TU researchers recently measured the impact of Helping Up Mission on our economy and mapped the reach of their work. MORE

Enriching Lives

Since 1999, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Towson University has been providing adults, age 50 and older, opportunities for continued learning, along with programs and activities for social and cultural enrichment.

Osher at TU: The early years

The Auburn Society held its first semester of classes in March 1999 in the historic Auburn House. 10 years later, Osher at TU is a thriving lifelong learning community. MORE

A passion for powerlifting

Dealing with a torn meniscus and two arthritic knees, 76-year old Pauline Horn took up weight lifting. Now the Osher at TU member is a regular at the Baltimore Kettleball Club. MORE

Talkin’ Trash

Members of Osher at TU’s Green Team recently toured the Baltimore County Materials Recovery Facility to learn more about recycling. Here are a few tips they learned. MORE

Convening Community Partners

In collaboration with on-campus and external partners, we provide strategic planning and communications support to execute timely discussions and dialogue on campus.

An honest, open discussion on homeland security

As part of the Badolato Speaker Series, human rights activist Qasim Rashid shared how we expose, come to terms with, and rectify critical threats to homeland security in order to truly become a more perfect union. MORE

TU celebrates Women’s Leadership Collective Launch

Spearheaded by TU Presidential Scholar Nancy Grasmick, the Women’s Leadership Collective encompasses programs designed to educate and inspire women at the high school, collegiate and mid-career levels. MORE

‘Stranger things’ and economic growth highlighted at forum

While economic growth has been slower, consumer confidence is high and is helping to drive growth, including in Towson, where TU is expanding offices and student housing. MORE