At Towson University Continuing & Professional Studies, our students’ success is our success. That’s why we work closely with them from registration through course completion to understand their career and continuing education needs and goals. Read on for Monica’s success story and and get inspired to create your own student success story.

Tell us a little about your background.

For several years, I had been working in the retail industry and continue to work in the field, but I’m looking to make a career transition into the healthcare field. I had started working to complete an associate’s degree in health informatics and information technology to become a registered health information technician, but took a break from the program due to family obligations. While I still want to go back to school to finish my degree, I knew it wasn’t feasible at the time. Instead, I wanted to focus on obtaining a certification that would help me break into the healthcare field in a reputable position.

Why did you decide to take the Certified Medical Coding course?

After meeting with a career counselor at the Baltimore County Workforce Center earlier this year and doing some research, I decided to pursue training for medical coding. I knew the course would be challenging, but was motivated by the career opportunities available if I passed the certification exam.

I chose the Certified Medical Coding: Physician’s Practice Course at Towson University Continuing & Professional Studies for a variety of reasons, including the community feeling that Towson University represents and the location was ideal—it was only a 15 minute commute. 

Did you take your certification exam yet? Did you pass?

I started the program in March 2019 and completed the 18 week long course in June 2019. I sat for the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) in July 2019 and passed on the first attempt. I’m happy to say that I’m now a Certified Professional Coder.

With a national pass rate of 50%, it was quite an achievement to not only pass the exam, but to pass it on the first try!

How did our team help you succeed?

I admit the material covered in the course was very difficult at times, but without this course, I’m convinced that I wouldn’t have passed the exam. I really credit my instructor, Susan Gochoco, for being a major factor in my overall success. I have never had an instructor that put so much effort into making sure that you understand the materials and want to see you do well. She is someone that will go above and beyond to make sure you understand the materials and feel prepared to take the exam.”

Do you have advice for anyone on the fence about pursuing a continuing education course?

Remember to use all of your resources. For me, my greatest resources were my instructor, the learning material, the CCO Club, and the AAPC CPC app. Continuing education courses can be your next step to better your future.

Always improve yourself. Education is not something you should take for granted. So just go for it!

What does the future hold for you?

While I’m still continuing my job search to secure a full-time position in medical coding, I feel optimistic about my future now that I have this prominent certification. Next, I’m going to pursue a medical billing certification.