As we mark four years of delivering training as part of the Maryland Department of Information Technology (DoIT)’s Statewide GIS Training Program, the Center for GIS at Towson University is proud to have trained over 1,200 people from 46 state agencies and 38 local governments from across Maryland!

We’ve recently rolled out a new half-day course—Introduction to Field Data Collection using Collector for ArcGIS.

Collector for ArcGIS is a mobile data collection app that allows users to capture accurate locations in the field, enter associated information, and even attach photos, videos and audio. In addition to capturing point locations, line and polygon features can also be collected.

A few potential applications for Collector include:

  • Creating (and maintaining) spatially-aware asset inventories;
  • Mapping species observations, invasive pest sightings, and water quality inspections;
  • Tracking neighborhood canvassing efforts and public surveying;
  • Capturing results from on-site tests and inspections.

Locations, information and images can be uploaded from the field and accessed via ArcGIS Online web maps in near real time. For areas with unreliable coverage, Collector users can opt to download maps to their device and sync their data when back in the office.

Maps and collection forms for Collector are designed via ArcGIS Online web maps. Users can set up picklists, numeric ranges, helpful hints, and barcode scanning to streamline collection in the field. Recent updates to the app allow users to reuse recently entered text entries and make edits to multiple features at once.

Once data from Collector is synced, it is accessible via ArcGIS Online where it can be shared in interactive maps, overlaid with imagery and other spatial layers for context, and used for tracking, routing, planning, and spatial analysis tasks.

Collector is already being used across Maryland and we’re excited to see how its usage grows!

Collector for ArcGIS is available as a free download but requires an ArcGIS Organizational account to be used for collection. To demo the capabilities of Collector, use the Try it option or set up a free trial.