At Towson University (TU), we look for a variety of ways to positively impact society. We demand quality and authenticity with scale merit, as that’s the only way to drive sustainable, systemic improvement.

At TU Incubator, we look for ways to align industry with TU core competencies, whether in education, business, the arts, or health. In the end, the goal is impact at scale.

We are excited to welcome Flave as a virtual member of TU Incubator.

The restaurant industry is one of the more difficult areas to work in, given the cost and limited opportunities. And it is even harder for local restaurants. With the growth of food delivery apps like Grubhub, DoorDash and UberEats, it has become more difficult to attract customers to dine-in. Diners are given less and less reasons to venture outside their homes and experience new restaurants in the neighborhood. Despite all of these struggles, new local restaurants continue to open but they still run into trouble when it comes to visibility and foot traffic. Enter Flave.

Flave is a fresh new take on food apps. Flave incentivizes diners to go out and find unique and local restaurants as opposed to the many chain restaurants already available. Eating at a local restaurant, taking a photo of your food and uploading it to the app grants users Flave Cash, which can be redeemed for free menu items. Flave’s passion for the local community can be what people need to encourage them to get out and explore their city.