Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Towson University Continuing and Professional Studies has suspended in-class courses. However, that doesn’t mean you need to put your education and career goals on hold. We’ve worked with our instructors to move some of our most popular in-person courses to a synchronous, online learning environment—live, online instructor-led courses.

What is synchronous, online learning?

Synchronous learning is learning in real time. It allows you to learn, interact, and collaborate with your instructor and fellow students in real time—it’s how we’ve been taught since beginning our educations. Today, with the ongoing pandemic, it’s necessary for the health and safety of our community to move this learning online. With the rise of online education technology, such as Blackboard, Zoom, and WebEx, it makes it easier to teach and learn through synchronous, online learning.

What are the top benefits of synchronous learning?

You may be thinking that online learning can’t compare with in-person instruction. However, synchronous, online learning does allow for meaningful interactions in a virtual face-to-face setting. Here are the top benefits of online, synchronous learning.

  • Scheduled meeting times. Just like in-person courses, our live, online instructor-led courses meet at set times throughout the week. This allows you to work continuing education into your schedule. And, let’s face it, your schedule has probably been impacted by the pandemic. Scheduled meeting times allow you to meet your goals and be accountable to yourself and the instructor.
  • Regular instructor interactions. We get it. You can’t always replace instructor interactions. However, our live, online instructor-led courses allows you to ask questions in real-time and collaborate with fellow students in real-time. Each of our online, synchronous courses allow you to schedule multiple individual, virtual face-to-face meetings with your instructor, allowing you to get personalized feedback and input on your education and career goals.
  • Collaboration with fellow students. One of the major factors in successfully completing a course is collaboration and interactions with fellow students. Just know that your classmates are working towards the same goals as you—career advancement. Our live, online instructor-led courses allow you to collaborate with fellow students in real-time, only virtually.