Only God could have brought together an African-American Baptist pastor from the Liberty Grace Church in Baltimore’s Ashburton neighborhood, and a white Orthodox Jewish rabbi from Pikesville in Baltimore County.

—Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg & Rev. Dr. Terris King

How did these two faith leaders join forces and why is it significant? Join these two charismatic leaders as they discuss their unexpected relationship, the initiatives being taken by their congregations, and the positive outcomes that have come from the building of relationships and addressing racism in and around their communities.

Reverend Dr. Terris King leads the Liberty Grace Church in Baltimore’s Ashburton neighborhood. In addition to his role there, he is committed to transforming healthcare companies through his expertise and advice in creating innovative models that lower cost and improve the quality of health and thus the quality of life for Americans. Appointed by the Mayor as Chair of Baltimore’s local management board for Family League, he determines the strategic direction that provides health and education programs for children and youth in Baltimore City.

Since 1978, Mitchell S. Wohlberg has been the rabbi of the Beth Tfiloh Congregation, the largest Modern Orthodox synagogue in the United States. Rabbi Wohlberg is also the Dean of the Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School, including the high school he helped establish in 1986. He is the author of “Pulpit Power” and “The Un-Haggadah; How to Keep The Conversation and Wine Flowing At Your Seder”.