Are you looking for a secure career in the healthcare industry? A career in medical billing or coding might be a good fit. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), medical billing and coding jobs are expected to grow by 8 percent through 2029—double the average national job growth. This increased demand is driven by an aging population, an increased reliance on health informatics, and an increased usage of electronic health records.

Here are the top five reasons top choose a career in medical billing or medical coding.

  1. Cost effective training. You don’t need a college degree to enter the medical billing and coding fields. A professional certification and healthcare (or related field) experience is all that’s needed. Towson University Continuing and Professional Studies offers both an Online Medical Billing Course and an Online Certified Medical Coding Course to prepare you for nationally-recognized certifications.
  2. Flexible work environment. Medical billing and coding can be a full-time career, but it’s also a great option if you want to work part-time. And, while some medical billing and coding professionals work in offices, a growing number work from home.
  3. Job demand. Both medical coders and medical billers are crucial to every office’s bottom line. And, because every area of medicine requires them, you’ll be able to find a work setting that works for you. Plus, billers and coders are needed across the country; go wherever you want.
  4. Opens doors. Medical billing and coding can be lifelong careers. However, being a coder or biller can lead to other administrative jobs in the healthcare industry, with additional training.
  5. Earning potential. The national median annual salary of medical billers and coders is $38,040, according to the BLS. In Maryland, medical billing and coding annual salaries average $48,730—significantly greater than the national average.

If you’re looking for a career in healthcare, medical billing or coding are great first steps. Towson University Continuing and Professional Studies can help you with online courses in both Medical Billing and Medical Coding.

Online Medical Billing course

Medical billing is one of the fastest growing professions in allied health careers in the U.S. Get familiar with the health insurance industry, legal and regulatory issues, and differences in reimbursement methodologies.


Online Medical Coding course

There is a shortage of qualified medical coders. The good news? You don’t need a four-year degree. A certification and field experience is all that’s needed.