Redistricting is always a hot topic. In Maryland, new congressional district boundaries were approved by the Maryland General Assembly in December in an override of Governor Hogan’s veto, but are currently in litigation.

There are a variety of maps out there that examine gerrymandering and partisan lean in congressional districts, like this one from FiveThirtyEight, and this one from the New York Times, in congressional districts. However, we’ve focused on creating a swipe map to help Marylanders compare the new 2021 congressional districts to those from 2011.

Open this swipe map in a new window to view it larger.

Use the bar in the center of the map to swipe between 2011 congressional districts (left side of the map) and 2021 congressional districts (right side of the map). Use the address search at the top of the map to find a city or address, or use the My Location button to navigate to your approximate current location.

Keep an eye out for our next swipe map that compares Maryland’s state legislative districts.